Images and History of Bloomington Idaho and the Bear Lake Region

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Giant Spruce in Bloomington Canyon

The Huge Spruce Tree in Bloomington Canyon – 1955.

Early Image of Bear Lake 1871

One of the earliest photos of of Bear Lake, Idaho.

Bloomington LDS Chapel 1962

This amazing image of the Bloomington LDS Chapel dates from 1962.

Fish Haven 1955

PBS Article on Bear Lake

When you drive north into Idaho from Logan, Utah, you come around a certain bend in the road and see Bear Lake for the first time. It is hard to forget the impact of that shocking blue color. It reminds some of certain blue gems; others, of the morning glory. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s always a new experience.

J Alten Kearl 1926-2014

Montpelier Reservoir

Montpelier Reservoir

Air Rescue – Montpelier Reservoir